Travel Momentum

Having travelled to over 53 countries and experienced many different things, we saw how it enhanced people's lives and broadened their outlook on the world. We wanted to share it with others, while in turn making companies more profitable and better understood. As our name implies, we want to move people both physically and mentally.

We were formed in 2005 by Martin Giblin after having had many years of experience in the Travel Industry. Our offices are based in Hatfield, mid Hertfordshire, giving us good access to clients in London and the Northern Home Counties.

As you would expect we are very client driven, respond to deadlines and present creative, imaginative solutions for clients needs. Automotive, Leisure, White Goods manufacturers and Finance as well as Food & Drink and IT are just some of the Industries we operate in. Numbers we have handled have ranged from as small as 10 to 571 participants.