Now, travelling is certainly not rocket science and everyone can do it, everyone does it in their own best way. However, there is definitely some knowledge and experience that can be shared by experienced travellers for a smoother and stress-free travel experience. No matter if you are travelling solo, going in a holiday with your family or friends, visiting an exotic destination far away or simply the next big city, here are some handy travelling tips and tricks for you.

Pack a Towel

Now, you can expect to always have a fresh and clean towel waiting for you in the hotel room and not having a towel for you is out of question. However, this is not the case in all hotels around the world and even if it is, you are not necessarily staying at hotel rooms, right? In addition, a towel can come in handy in a bunch of situations, it can be used for a picnic, on the beach, or for whatever reason you need it for, even as an additional layer of clothing if it suddenly happens to get colder or rainy.

Choose a Smaller Suitcase

Whenever you are travelling, there is a serious temptation to pack all the things you own under your name with you and have them in handy once you are away. However, every time you overpack you simply end up not using even half of the things you have taken with you and you are simply being charged for a big suitcase of stuff you simply don’t need. Stop this vicious cycle of overpacking by simply purchasing a smaller sized suitcase or backpack and learn how to pack only the essentials. This way you will be able to pack light and avoid carrying too much stuff with you.

An Extra Debit/Credit Card

One of the biggest nightmares of a bunch of people who travel is finding themselves in a foreign country with no money. In fact, disasters happen and they feel even more disastrous when you are not in your home country where you can easily deal with stolen money and bank cards or lost ones. So it is always good to bring a backup bank card with you in case your nightmare happens to become a reality and your money get stolen or lost. Or you simply get carried away by shopping, shopping, shopping.

No-Fee Bank Cards

Another great way to have access to all your funds while away without breaking the bank for paying mind-blowing card and bank fees when you are back is simply having a no-fee bank card for when you are away from your home country. The money you will be able to save will be well invested in great experienced or upcoming trips so don’t give the bank your hard-earned money in the shape of fees.

The Perks of Solo Travelling

For most of us travelling solo sounds like a terrifying experience. However, once you try it, it will be definitely harder for you to go back to travelling with other people. Well, there is no doubt that travelling with a group of people or some close friends is truly an amazing experience and you can share it with people who are close to you or like-minded, however, travelling alone is a whole new experience of its own.

Solo travelling gives you the opportunity to explore a new country, city, or culture in a new and exciting way, stay more focused on the travel part, and most importantly, explore yourself even further and celebrate your independence. Solo travelling will also help you to learn how to better communicate with people, especially if you are naturally a shy person, how to handle unfamiliar situations and will, overall, provide you with an experience you won’t be able to get anywhere else.