Yes, travelling the world at the moment is not what it used to be a couple of years back. Travelling right now is mainly associated with anxiety, uncertainty and challenges and precautions. However, this does not mean that travelling is absolutely impossible at any given moment. And even if travelling is not possible for you at the moment, this does not mean that you cannot use your time for mastering your traveller skills, so once you are able to cross borders fearlessly in the future, you have become a travel-savvy person you have always wanted to be. In order to help you become the perfect traveller, you have always wanted to be and help you prepare for your next amazing trip, in this article we share with you some great tips and tricks that will give you the confidence of a cosmopolitan traveller even if you have just a couple of trips and staycations under your belt.

Always Pack a Towel

As stupid and weird as this one may sound to you, packing a towel in your luggage can actually save you a lot of stress and not so cool situations. For some, packing a towel is a matter of plain common sense, while for others it may be an unnecessary thing that takes up too much space in the luggage. Let us say a few words to the letter ones – you never know when you may need a towel and a towel can be useful in a number of situations, including if you happen to be under the rain with no umbrella, if you spontaneously decide to go to the beach or on a picnic, when you need to wipe up and dry off yourself, etc. In fact, a small towel will definitely not take up that much space in your luggage, especially if you roll it in a tube shape.

Buy a Small Suitcase

Overpacking is a common problem for many of us. In order to avoid overpacking and master the skill of taking only the nesseccary thing with you while you are travelling without paying too much for extra luggage or a large and heavy suitcase, make sure to invest in a high-quality small suitcase or backpack. In fact, paying for check-in luggage if you are travelling by plane is often more expensive than your ticket itself. In addition, let’s be honest, you really don’t need ten t-shirts and five pairs of trainers for a week-long trip, so what is the point of paying for them only to bring eighty percent of your positions untouched and unworn back home.

Always Take Extra Socks

While you definitely need to cut down your baggage, socks are that thing that is an exception to the rule. Wearing the same t-shirt for a couple of days and even longer is alright, however, wearing the same smelly socks two days in a row is a big no-no. You probably know it way too well that a whole day of walking around a city or nature usually ends up with sweaty feet, which leads to wet and smelly socks. Besides the fact that you will need to change a lot of dirty socks, you will also need replacements for the ones that didn’t survive a whole day of walking and ended up with holes.

Take an Extra Bank Card with You

Even if you are a master of planning the budget for your trip to the tiniest detail, there is no doubt that unexpected situations do happen and you want to be prepared. Losing your luggage is not that much of a deal, you can always buy a t-shirt or a pair of underwear. However, losing your money is truly a problem. In order to prevent such extreme and turbulent situations, it is always a good idea to have a backup bank card with you that has enough money for you to survive for the rest of the trip or buy yourself a ticket home.

Use a No-Fee Bank Card

The world is getting more and more global with every new day and people are crossing borders all the time. The good news is that our money is catching up with this tendency, which means that most banks around the world are now issuing no-fee bank cards that are really useful when you are abroad and for saving some extra money you can invest in your next trip. Therefore, make sure you get a credit or debit card that will not charge you an extra fee for foreign transactions and ATMs.

Solo Travelling at least Once

This idea of travelling by yourself may be anxiety-triggering and even frightening for many people out there, however, believe us when we say that travelling solo at least once in your life is an essential experience and will build up your confidence a lot. After all, you may like it so much that it will be hard for you to go back to taking trips with your travel buddies. Solo travelling is, indeed, a very special and unique experience that will help you learn a lot about yourself and explore aspects of your character you have probably never experienced before and knew existed. In case the idea of solo travelling is too terrifying, make sure to start with something easy and familiar – travel by yourself in your own country, to a neighbouring country or to a country you have already visited once in the past and feel quite familiar with.