Footloose Adventure Travel

Whether you are planning the holiday of a lifetime, a winter getaway, a new adventure or that dream honeymoon, our experienced team of travel experts will be able to craft a tailor-made itinerary to suit you and your budget. We have visited many of the destinations we offer which means we know exactly which hotels to book, how to get around and which activities are worth a visit. At Footloose, we believe that a completely personalised trip, designed with your dream journey and your family in mind, is what makes the most memorable holiday.

Follow in our footsteps to safely and successfully stand on the roof of Africa. Klik here to visit our dedicated Kilimanjaro site. Central America - one of the most exciting and fresh destinations on offer with amazing nature and wild-life, stunning beaches and fantastic activities for the whole family. Costa Rica is one of our absolute favourites so why not ask us to put together a bespoke iteniary for you to review.