Gazelle Travel

Gazelle Travel started business in 1976 and now, thirty five years on, it is one of the UK's leading flight only suppliers. The company identified an ethnic (Asian) gap or niche in the market and persuaded BOAC (now British Airways) to bring into service a new route (Heathrow to Islamabad). Gazelle put the first passenger on the inaugural flight on 1st April 1976. The company is now one of the top revenue earners in the North of England for airlines such as, Emirates, China Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and has access to over 140 airlines.

Historically Gazelle Travel specialised in ethnic niche markets but realised that it had much more potential by selling direct to the public because of the low cost fares it was offering to Travel agents throughout the UK. In September 1999 Gazelle Travel opened on office in the centre of Newcastle, to target the public directly. On the back of this Gazelle Travel now supports retail worldwide travel at its head office in Bradford.