Idelo Travel

Whether it be your holiday of a lifetime, a short getaway break that you thought it was too late to book, or the annual family fortnight away, finding the right holiday just for you is important. The trouble is, it takes time to research all the options and you can never be sure if the great offers you've seen are as good as they look - is there something they're not telling you? You want independence and adventure, but you don't want to end up wondering how to get home if your airline goes bust.

You don't want to just go where everyone else does, but you don't want to find yourself in a faraway place without a room for the night, either. From your first contact with us, a dedicated consultant will really get to know you and explore your individual aspirations. We are truly independent and not owed by any other holiday company, so can provide a trip that is totally yours and not just a best fit.