Meon Valley Travel

Our HQ is in Petersfield, Hampshire and our Corporate Business is located in Leicester where we will be happy to put the coffee on! The process for producing a Meon consultant relies on a slow-release technique that ensures the core is toasted with a rounded palate. This takes many months (clearly no good for companies concerned more with profit than passion.) The rich flavour of each of our consultants makes up the unique Meon recipe of talent, expertise and knowledge, delicately balanced with a lively spirit.

We harvest the brightest beans (not all survive our rigorous quality controls) then infuse raw knowledge with value to give our customers the best possible travel experience - it's a taste they come back for time and again. We are proud of our consultants. We believe they are the best, cultivated by the only family owned international travel company that actively invests in every step of the process from sourcing the brightest to delivering the finest of the crop.