The Independent Traveller

Notice to all passengers departing by air You will be aware that there has been enhancements on security precautions for flights departing for the USA. Currently the UK government has not increased the level of security risk. What does this mean for you? There seems to be some indication that tourists might be considering using portable electronics: laptop, iPad, iPod, iPhone, tablet or mobile phone that is not charged as a potential carrier for a device. As a consequence US government has indicated that for all flights departing to and leaving from the USA all electronic devices must be charged to be allowed to accompany the traveller. Currently this only applies to flights to and from the USA. However as this is a changing situation and to save the need for further updates we strongly recommend that if you are taking any of the above electronic devices on a flight anywhere that you ensure that they are charged. Please be aware that this is also a requirement on an internal US flight.