Wexas Travel

Wexas is one of the UK's most respected travel companies, specialising in travel across all seven continents and endorsed by such Honorary Presidents as Sir Ranulph Fiennes, John Simpson and Michael Palin.

We make a point of travelling to everywhere that we recommend, so that we can advise you on how best to plan your trip and choose the places that you'd like to stay. Every itinerary is designed around your individual needs and budget.

It's hard to overstate the benefit of talking to an expert when it comes to planning your holiday. All of our specialists have travelled extensively in the regions they specialise in and have often lived or worked there. They have an unbiased, informed approach to planning holidays, offering suggestions based on first-hand knowledge and an average of more than ten years experience in travel. We insist our experts return regularly to their specialist regions to find out what's new and to re-evaluate the old, so you can be assured of an up-to-date opinion.